Our Coaches

Jess MacDonald


- Owner-

- BCSC Certified Coach -

Jess began her love for cheer in university, training and competing on a level 6 team as well as a 4.2 team. A highlight of Jess' was cheering on a level 4 all star team in New Brunswick. All star cheer was where Jess was really able to develop her tumbling skills as an athlete. 


Jess has been coaching since 2013, starting with an 18+ team in New Brunswick, when Jess moved to PG she starting developing the PGSS cheerleaders into a competitive cheer program. Wanting to be able to offer cheerleading to the full community of Prince George Jess created PGA! 

Jess has an academic and clinical background in Kinesiology! Outside of her 9-5 job Jess love to play soccer and hangout with her husband and beautiful daughter. 

Jess is proud of the small coaching goals she achieved so far, and it would mean the world to her to achieve the small and grand goals as a coach and owner of PGASC!

Rachel Bitter


- BCSC Certified Coach -

Rachel has been involved with cheerleading since 2006. Starting as a competitive high school athlete then moving onto a recreational university team. Rachel started a high school cheerleading team for Nanaimo District Secondary School which she coached for 3 years before moving to the lower mainland. Rachel will be joining our coaching staff for our 2020/2021 season. 

Why do you love cheer: "Cheer is such a unique combination of athleticism and performance. Performing high level challenges stunts and skills while trying to convince the audience that it is easy."

Advice for athletes: "Don't be afraid of trying something new! Step out of your comfort zone, support your teammates, make facials and have fun!"

April Hackle


- BCSC Certified Coach -

April has cheered for 5 years with 2 years coaching under her belt. April started coaching because she wanted to pass on her knowledge and passion for cheer. April coaches our Youth and Junior teams and continues to be an athlete on our Senior team.

Why do you love cheer: "I've tried many other sports and cheer is the only sport I've really enjoyed. In cheer, stunting and working hard with your stunt group builds the strongest bond between people and I love being a part of that. Competition is also such a unique experience, not only with the rush of performing, but also the bonds you build while getting ready with your team and watching the other teams compete."

Advice to athletes: "As long as you put your best out on the floor, even if you don't win, it's such a fun experience"

Skylar Craig