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Prince George All Stars Cheer


Coach Jess: 

Tel: 639-571-3939

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Jessica MacDonald

Certified Cheer Coach

Owner/Founder of PGASC


Hi I'm Coach Jess!

I have an academic and clinical background in Kinesiology! I work full-time and love to play soccer and hang out with my husband. During my downtime, I enjoy volunteering my time and energy into building cheer in Prince George. 

I began my love for cheer in university, training and competing on a level 6 team. I have also cheered on a level 4.2 team in university. A highlight of mine was cheering on a level 4 all star team in New Brunswick. All star cheer was where I was really able to develop my tumbling skills as an athlete. I started coaching adults in New Brunswick and then I moved to Prince George, BC in 2015.


I've been coaching for about 5 years now, and for 3 years, you may have noticed my work, developing the PGSS cheerleaders into a competitive cheer program at PGSS. Now you would see me working with a younger group with PGASC!


I plan to continue to build competitive all star cheer in Prince George. I am already so proud of the small coaching goals I've achieved so far, and it would mean the world to me to achieve my small and grand goals as a coach and owner of this amazing club.

April Hackle

Cheer Coach In Training


Hi I'm Coach April, 

I started cheer in grade 8 and have now been a part of cheer for 3 years. I've tried many other sports and cheer is the only sport I've really enjoyed. in cheer, stunting and working hard with your stunt group builds the strongest bond between people and I love being a part of that. Competition is also such a unique experience, not only with the rush of performing, but also the bonds you build while getting ready with your team and watching the other teams compete. 

I'm starting coaching because I want to help Jess pass on the knowledge and experiences I've had in cheer. You'll see me focusing on coaching our Youth and Junior teams and I'll still be an athlete on Senior. 


My advice to every athlete is that as long as you put your best out on the floor, even if you don't win, it's such a fun experience.