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Cheer 101

PGASC offers a range of cheerleading programs, all our programs do have a focus on All Star competitive cheer regardless of if the team is attending competitions. If you are new to the world of cheerleading below is a brief description of all star competitive cheer!

In 2016 cheerleading was granted povisional Olympic status by the IOC recognizing it as an official sport!

All Star Cheer 

All Star Cheerleading is a competitive sport where athletes (male and female) compete a combination of dance, tumbling (gymnastics) and stunts (athletes lifting other athletes) to 2 minutes and 30 second of music. These routines are judged on level of difficulty, technique and creativity/entertainment. Teams compete based off age and skill level (1 - 7, 7 being the highest level of difficulty).

PGASC is currently offering programs for ages 1-18 with a current focus on level 1. As the club grows and athete development increases we would love to include higher ranges of levels!

Level 1 Skills

Some stunting skills that are taught in level 1 are:

  • Below waist level stunts 

  • Waist level stunts 

  • Shoulder level stunts 

  • Shoulder sits

  • V Sits

  • T-lifts

  • Show N Go

  • Dismounts

  • Transition stunts

  • Release skills

Some tumbling skills that are taught in level 1 are:

  • Splits, Hollow, Candlestick, T-shape

  • Bridges

  • Handstand 

  • Forward & Backward rolls

  • Cartwheel and Round-offs

  • 1-hand Cartwheel

  • Front & Back walkovers

Stunting Positions

Base:  The athlete who provides support for a Flyer. The person that holds, lifts, or tosses a Flyer into a stunt. Must be in directly physical contact with the performance floor. Typically works in pairs with another base. 

Back: The base that stands behind the stunt, supporting the flyer and bases. Must be in contact with the performance floor at all times. Typically leads the stunt. 

Flyer: The athlete being support above the performance floor in a stunt, pyramid or toss.

Governing Bodies

bc sport cheer.png

BC Sport Cheer (BCSC)

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 1.11.33 PM.png

Cheer Canada

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 1.11.26 PM.png

International All Star Federation (IASF)



From the Athletes

"I love Cheer because even on my worst days I walk into the gym and an instant smile is on my face. I have made so many friends and I love how all of the coaches push me to the best of my abilities and are so nice. This is much more than a hobby or a sport, it’s my life. I love how everyone is so cheerful at comp and no one understands the feeling of a team that becomes a family, that’s why I love Cheer."

— Eleanor, Conquer 2022

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