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Prince George All Stars Cheer


Coach Jess: 

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I have been in cheerleading for 3 years. I have been to 3 competitions, and have met so many new people. Cheerleading has become a very important part of my life. Even when I’m in a really bad mood, the girls and the coaches on the team have always made me smile and laugh. My team gives me a place where I can come, have fun, and be myself but still work towards a goal. Sometimes I wish that others would take it more seriously, work harder, and be less distracted, but that just shows how much I love cheerleading and want to succeed in it. I love my team and coaches so much. I also love cheerleading itself and I wish I could compete more often. Cheerleading keeps you fit; it works and stretches all your muscles, teaches teamwork and how to take positive criticism, and so many other life skills. The sport is difficult and takes a lot of work but to me it’s completely worth it to be able to have a special bond with so many beautiful people and be able to compete with them. I don’t really know how to put it into words exactly how much cheerleading means to me and has changed my life. I only know that it means so much and I don’t know what I would do without it, I started high school a cheerleader and I really hope to finish it a cheerleader.

I’m also so glad that Jess has brought competitive cheerleading to Prince George and made it an option for me. Jess is an amazing coach and THANK YOU So much for everything you have done for the team.

-love April.


I'm halfway through my 3rd season, I’ve made tons of memories and made new friends that I wouldn’t of met without Cheer. I've also learned many new skills that have changed me as a person.

Cheerleading is something that requires a lot of strength, determination, and skill to succeed, you have to put 110% into everything you do.

To me, cheerleading is my second home, it has a special place in my heart that nothing else could replace, it has something to it that brings me back over and over again. I have experience with both basing and flying, as a base, you ARE what makes those stunts happen, and you need a lot strength to hold a girl up in the air and be able to be hurt and keep going. As a flyer, you are what everyone looks at, you're flexible and looking pretty, it’s thrilling to be up in the air. I’ve made so many friendships that are unique because we all connect through cheerleading, my team is my second family.

Being a cheerleader is difficult because sometimes not everything works, it’s frustrating to not be able to do something that the other stunt groups are hitting, or when full-outs don’t look good, but through the injury’s, tears, and fights, we can make it through anything, everyone has each others back! You win as a team, you lose as a team.