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Policies & Agreements



  • Challenging the authority of coaches in charge, an athlete, or parent, within the gym or at events and competitions will result in immediate dismissal.

  • Abusive behaviour, lying, or any negative form of behaviour is grounds for dismissal. Any negative behaviour towards PGASC, another gym, team, athlete, etc by any medium (e.g. Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, etc.) may result in dismissal from the program.

  • It is a privilege to be a member of PG All Stars Cheer, no athlete has the right to be a part of any team because of any particular circumstance. Athletes and parents should be aware of the responsibilities and commitment they are making when being a part of PGASC.

  • Each athlete and parent must realize the manner in which they conduct themselves while representing PGASC is a direct reflection of the entire program and coaches.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds on any paid fees due throughout the year. The costs do not change based on the number/duration of practices in a given month. If an athlete leaves, or is dismissed before the session's end for any reason, any and all their funds are used to keep coaches working and our gym rentals paid. There are no refunds on uniform or merchandise once ordered. For apparel/merchandise purchased through the Shop, we have a Member's Only Buy & Sell available where you can post your unwanted merchandise for other parents to see. 

Practice Attire

Cheerleaders must wear appropriate clothing (t-shirt and shorts) and hair tied back and away from the eyes. A t-shirt or tank top is required to wear over a sports bra at every practice and no midriffs will be shown. All athletes will be required to wear indoor/cheer shoes.

Athletes should not be wearing loose clothing, hoodies, or clothing with sharp objects on them (e.g. zippers, buttons, etc). At practices, athletes participate in stunting and tumbling and the clothes they wear is important to consider in order to prevent injury to themselves or others.

Sudden Shut Down Plan

According to the Provincial Health Order and the guidelines from ViaSport (we are classified as a SPORT) we are open for in-person practices with athletes 3 metres apart. However, if we are told to close due to changes in the government health procedures around COVID-19, we will collect the dues for the current month and continue to provide you the regular practice schedule for the remaining practices, virtually. We have the practice plans outlined and they can easily be modified to accommodate a home practice. Future payments will be decided depending on the length of the shut down and updates from the Provincial Health Order and ViaSport.

Medical Release

I, on my own behalf and on the behalf of my child, acknowledge and agree that such participation subjects my child to possible physical issues ((COVID-19, influenza, or there injury (minimal, serious, catastrophic and or death)) and that I, on my own behalf and on the behalf of my child acknowledge that my child is assuming the risk of such injury or illness by participation in cheerleading practice and events.

In the event of such injury or illness, I authorize PG All Stars Cheer to obtain necessary medical treatment for my child and hereby, on my own behalf and on the behalf of my child, release and hold harmless PG All Stars Cheer, its coaches, volunteers, directors, officers and sponsors in exercise of this authority. I further acknowledge that I will be responsible for any and all medical and related bills that may be insured on the behalf of my child for any illnesses or injury that my child may sustain during practice or their events and while travelling to and from the site of the practice or event whether or not the practice or event actually occurs.


Liability Release

Cheerleading is vigorous activity that includes tossing, falling, running, jumping, stunting, tumbling, pyramids and dancing. Our to the nature of this type of activity, the possibly of injury and death could occur. By signing this agreement you agree that your child is physically active and fit to participate in this activity and has no known medical conditions that may compromise the safety of your child, other athletes or coaches and that you or another adult in your household will complete a health assessment of your child prior to every practice to check for symptoms of COVID-19.

As parents/guardians of the above mentioned athlete, a minor, I hereby grant the permission necessary to allow my child to participate in all events conducted by or attended by PG All Stars Cheer including but not limited to: cheer practice, classes, competitions, and community events. I understand that accidents can be a result of the nature of the activity and can occur with or without any fault on either the part of the athlete, PG All Stars Cheer, the coaches, the volunteers or facility where the activity/event is taking place. By allowing my child to participate, I am accepting the risk of an accident occurring or transmission of illness or disease (including but not limited to Influenza, colds, COVID-19, and COVID-19 related illnesses) and agree that the activities carried out in the course of participating in cheerleading are suitable for my child. I assume full responsibility for my child’s participation. Thought participation, I am admitting awareness of the usual risks and danger inherent in participating in all of the activities offered by PG All Stars Cheer and the possibility of injury both minor and serious, illness, property damage or loss of life resulting from the activities. I waive any and all claims that I may have against, and release all liability and agree not to sue, PG All Stars Cheer, its arches or volunteers for any personal injury, property damage or loss sustained as a result of my child’s participation in the programs, arising out of any cause whatsoever. I hereby warrant that I have read this Participant Release and Waiver form in its entirety and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this Participant Release and Waiver form releases PG All Stars Cheer, its coaches and volunteers from liability and contains an acknowledgement of my voluntary and knowing assumptions of the risk of injury or illness. I have signed this document of my own free will.


Appearance Agreement and Age Verification

I _________ understand that PG All Stars Cheer, from time to time, may participate in promotional material relating to its programs, its sponsor’s programs and the programs and events of other cheerleading organizations and governing bodies. I understand that as a participate and/or spectator of the event that I/my child may be included in videotapes and/or photographs taken during the event. Therefore, without reservation or limitation, on my own behalf and on behalf of my child, I hereby assign, transfer and grant PG All Stars Cheer, it’s successors, assignees, licenses, sponsors, any televisions networks, newspapers, news websites, BCCA, IASF, Cheer Canada and all other commercial exhibitors the exclusive right to photograph and/or videotape my child and utilize such videotapes and photographs and my child’s name, face likeness, voice and appearance as part of the event, in advertising and promotions for any current or future events. I further understand that neither PG All Stars Cheer nor any third party is under any obligation to exercise any of the foregoing rights, licenses and privileges. I, on my own behalf and on the behalf of my child, verify that the date of birth of my child is accurate and truthful. By signing the I agree to not allow my child to be placed in an age division that is not appropriate by applicable governing body standards, including but not limited to BCCA, ISAF, and Cheer Canada.

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