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Prince George All Stars Cheer


Coach Jess: 

Tel: 639-571-3939

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We are ONE team, with ONE dream


Our Mission

The Mission of Prince George All Stars Cheer (PGASC) is to provide outstanding coaching in a safe and fun environment. With the constant evolution of the sport, the coaches will focus on developing the athlete's strengths and talents to help them perform at their full potential. We believe that hard work and a diligent work ethic have a moral benefit and an ability to strengthen character and add value to other aspects of life, such as academics and relationships. 

We are stronger as a team. Together we can accomplish our goals and our dreams.  

Our Story


Welcome to PG All Stars Cheer's first year Cheerleading program! In the first year of our club, our goal is to secure a consistent practice venue (location, dates and times), purchase equipment to encourage progression of skills, and prepare clean and exciting routines for showcases and competition. We pride ourselves on creating a safe, structured, and friendly environment for our athletes. Our guiding principles are based around inclusiveness and building an approachable family environment. We appreciate your support and patience as we begin our cheer journey. 

A message from the owner: 

PGASC is a product of a passion for cheer, and a passion for coaching. To me, it is a privilege to coach and assist in the growth of athletes, no matter their age. It is important to me that I create a club that facilitates teamwork and new friendships through a safe and fun environment! As a Kinesiologist, I take great care in teaching others through patience and repetition. As an athlete, I believe that no matter the level of competitiveness, you will perform at your best if you are having fun!

PGASC reflects these beliefs.

  - Jess MacDonald 

     (Owner and Head Coach)

To learn more about our coaching staff:

To learn more about the teams we will be offering this season:  

PG All Stars Cheer is a proud member of BC Cheerleading Association. See below for their mission and vision and a link to their website: http://bccheerleading.ca

BC Cheerleading Association: 

The purpose of the BC Cheerleading Association is to promote and develop athleticism and safety in cheerleading in BC. We encourage members to demonstrate excellence in sportsmanship, competitiveness, teamwork, commitment and leadership while acting as positive role models and effect ambassadors in their communities. Also to provide similar and related service as determined by the membership.